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City Guide to St.Petersburg,FL 

St.Petersburg is a beautiful peninsula in central Florida with a burgeoning art & music scene.

St.Pete is an old town that has come into its own as a cultural epicenter for art, food, & culture. Every time you look up there's a new restaurant, coffee shop, art gallery, or event going on. Enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch at Cassis with the Beach Drive princesses & top it off with ice cream at Kilwins. Next visit the "Mini Met", the Museum of Fine Arts then Head Down to Central Ave and pickup a necklace or two at Misred. The next day have a wood fired pizza at Fabrica or buy & admire the art at the independent art galleries. Have a coffee date at the airy new Intermezzo Coffee Shop (They make an amazing cappuccino!) If your feeling like a Night Owl see if there's any independent bands playing at The Bends a "Classy Divebar" Check their Instagram to see what bands that are playing, or just go for the beer and drinks. This guide was created to help you spend your time in St.Pete more efficiently! Enjoy my Sun Dappled hometown. And If you would like me to do a photoshoot of you and your family in the city contact me today!

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