Alora City NIGHTLIFE: Soft Moon@Crowbar

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

This show had more Goths in attendance than I care to see in one night. Actual Goths. I wasn't really expecting that but I was wrong. Soft Moon, could be defined as post punk, Dark-Electro IDK. I'm gonna be honest I don't spend hours listening to Soft Moon. Its actually kinda on the depressing side, like middle of unknown pleasures depressing. So if I get depressed I might listen to them. I went to this show cause I've come to the realization that Post-Punk regardless of how depressing it can be on a recording actually sounds fantastic live. As how all music is meant to be experienced (If you're feet aren't hurting cause you've been standing for 3-4 hours straight, if you're ears aren't a little numb, if you haven't had beer spilled on your shoes and if you're not uncomfortably close to a weird couple with ripped denim & shetland pony haircuts are you really experiencing music?!) Anyways soft moon was awesome live like I expected, as well as boy harsher. I got to interview the lead singer Luis Vasquez, but I've seemed to misplace my .MP4 file but I guess we all make rookie mistakes sometimes. At least I found out that he's from Oakland and that the rest of the band are Italians. At least I got some cool shots, some pizza & a selfie. At least I got from in front of my computer and went out. Thanks Luis come again man.

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