Alora City LISTENS: Perfect Life by Belong

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

#Can't find much info on this band but I found their Myspace page and this is what it said. Hopefully its accurate lol. Either way I've been listening to song on repeat.

"Creating glorious sonic landscapes from dense sheets of guitar-generated noise, Belong are a collaboration between guitarist Michael Jones and producer Turk Dietrich (the latter is also a member of Benelli with Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv).Drawing influences from My Bloody Valentine, Brian Eno's ambient music, and composer William Basinski, Belong came together in 2002, when Jones and Dietrich started discussing likeminded musical ideas, and in 2004 they began working up material in Dietrich's home studio. Inspired by the symbiotic beauty and decay of their hometown of New Orleans, Belong slowly crafted their debut album, October Language, and released the finished product in early 2006 as their city was still coming to grips with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (as their label, Carpark Records, said in a press handout, "October Language might be the only record you'll hear from New Orleans this year"). Following the release of October Language, Jones and Dietrich took Belong on the road in the United States and Europe; a second album from the duo is anticipated in 2007."

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