Alora City HIGHLIGHTS: 4 of my Favorite Beautiful Black & White Film Photographs

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

B&W Photography is so beautiful. There's something very emotive, very nostalgic about seeing an image completely devoid of color. Color evokes emotion in us, red often equals anger or passion, blue often equals serenity and conjures images of the power of the ocean & the peace of clear blue sky, green brings up in our minds images of tranquil forests, grass, leaves, trees. So I often say black & white photography allows you to view the image or moment completely for what it is without the subconscious influence of color. All you see is the image or moment based on what's happening. You feel the emotion of the image for exactly. Here's a list of photographers before our time, that did it best.

Drusilla Beyfus. NYC, 1956 by


This image is gorgeous & one of my most favorite images of all time. I would love to have an image like this of myself in the future. Obviously taken from the Top of the Rockefeller Center, perhaps at dusk with the lights of the city just turning on, seeing a blurry empire state building in the distance, coupled with the incredible profile of the beautiful Drusilla Beyfus, looking very much like Elizabeth Taylor, well dressed and possibly in love with either the man next to her or Manhattan (either is certainly possible) In my opinion blurry & black & white film always go well together.

If you have an extra 1,300 USD laying around you can purchase an estate stamped print at Magnum Photos:

Les Amoureux de la Bastille, Paris, 1957 by WILLY RONIS

Depending on my mood this is also one of my favorite photos ever taken by famed photographer Willy Ronis who has an exhibit dedicated to him at the Pavillon Carre de Baudouin until January 2nd, 2019. He saw Paris with his heart, something I aspire to do more of in the future. He has so many other beautiful photos but this is definitely my favorite. I have absolutely no idea where they're standing modern day but to stand opposite one's lover floating over Paris & dressed to the nines is honestly "goals" lol

Le Baiser de l'Hotel De Ville, 1950, ROBERT DOISNEAU

Although this photograph looks like a very fortunate shot from a Parisian cafe of a spontaneous young couple caught up in the throes of new love, as if Doisneau just happened to click the shutter at the exact moment of this kiss, this photo was later explained to be staged when he was supposedly threatened to be sued by the models. Well I would never know and many people didn't know, but what different does it make. It doesn't change the fact that the photograph is unbelievably beautiful & iconic by one of the greatest photographers of all time.


This is Just Awesome. Its Bresson, what more do I need to say.

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