Alora City TRAVEL: A Visit to The Frick Collection

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

The Frick Collection is a small lesser known museum on the Upper East Side. It may be overshadowed by The MoMA and The Met but its still quite spectacular in its own right. It used to be the actual home of industrialist Henry Clay Frick and in 1935 was turned into a museum for the public. Besides the event of viewing historical paintings by famed artists such as Rembrandt & Vermeer, its allure is the beautiful stately garden in the middle of the museum and it is certainly beautiful and stately. You can't take photos in the galleries (at least you're not supposed but I did anyways as you can see below lol) but you can take as many photos in the garden as you would like. There were even what appeared to be college students sketching in the corridors. One nice girl who was sketching took, what is now, one of my favorite self photographs of myself. My Ticket was only $22 but if you happen to be in town on a Wednesday (which seems to be a great day to be in NYC considering there's also Jazz in the Rose Room at The Plaza Hotel on Wednesdays as well) From 2-6pm its pay what you wish, so you could probably pay a quarter, maybe nothing. Also check their calendar to see who's playing. They have concerts by classical artists, that you've probably never heard of but are sure to be talented. It can imagine it would make for an enjoyable culturally enriching night in the city. Watch the short film in their theater about the museum & then roam around the galleries. Don't make eye contact with the security guards cause they look mean. Do take 15 min to sit in the garden and revel in the privilege of being in Manhattan at one of the best museums in the world. - Jonetia

Thanks to the girl who was sitting and sketching for taking this. I wish I had gotten her name

Took this one covertly, totally worth the threat of getting scolded. Its about not getting caught lol

Got scolded for taking this in another language by the girl at the desk, so it wasn't nearly as offensive as it usually is.

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