Alora City LISTENS: "Listen to This, Not That": Austyn Gillette's Sensorisk

I kinda follow skateboarding, and while I could never actually skate due to my fear of things with wheels, to me its a form of creative expression that's truly amazing to watch. Austyn Gillette happens to be one of my favorite skateboarders, he has a very clean skating style that I'd say is very watchable. I like him even more because he's also a musician. Aside from his project"Part Friend." He's since released a self-titled album called "Sensorisk" Its relaxing, almost too relaxing; reminiscent of "L.A in the Fall" his style reminds me of bands like Noah & the Whale, Yo La Tengo & Olney. It's pretty much the perfect soundtrack for studying or working or doing anything else. Listen to the rest of the Album on Spotify, Itunes or YouTube

And if for some weird reason you don't know who Austyn Gillette is watch this amazing clip of him skating up a storm in L.A

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