Alora City CINEMA: Family Friendly Watches On Netflix

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Everyone Loves Netflix, so many movies for one package price, I honestly dislike Netflix sometimes just because there is so many bad movies, I'm still into buying DVDs and VHS's honestly some of my favorite films I have on DVD. Its been helpful on the rare day when the WiFi is on the Fritz. But Netflix is cool too. If You're having problems finding Clean entertainment on Netflix hopefully these can help you in the meantime.

The Hundred Foot Journey

This film is what actually inspired me to write this article, I'm so happy they put this film on netflix after all this time. I've been too cheap to buy it but I heard it was an epic film & I can definitely say its on of the best films I've seen in a while & of course it's a spielberg film.

Peter Rabbit

I remember being in elementary school and attempting to play unresponsive peter rabbit games on my school's Windows 95's so I think I have some nostalgia attached to this film filled with cute rabbit mischief and Harrods and a really awesome pig in a purple suit jacket whom I really relate too


This movie is awesome if you like Australia & Surfers and that girl from that one disney show I can't think of the name of

The Stray

This is an inspirational tear jerker, so keep the kleenex near by

The Water Horse

Really awesome scenic movie based on the famous Loch Ness Monster Myth.

Under an Arctic Sky

This is an extremely inspiring Surf Film that I watch whenever I'm feeling adventurous but also want to stay home(You know the feeling) The film is by photographer extraordinaire Chris Burkard and it's great to watch even if you're not into surf culture. Definite Must See on Netflix.

Series To Binge Watch

We Bare Bears by Cartoon Network

Very Hip Bears Living in San Francisco getting into Mischief

Free Rein a Netflix Original

This is meant to be a Children's Show so its squeaky clean except for some kissing and snarky lead characters, but it's an extremely well written series and beautiful composed shots of horses on beaches so...yeah pretty awesome show I binge watch this pretty frequently.

The Greenhouse Academy

Another Show that's meant to be a Children's Show, so it's also squeaky clean, except for a few kisses and rude teenagers but is also an extremely well written series and beautifully shot. It's a very interesting show set in a secretive California boarding school. Binge watch both seasons on the weekend.

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