ALORA CITY CREATOR HIGHLIGHT: Jean-Louis Blondeau & Philippe Petit's Epic Tightrope Walk

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

I watched a free movie on Philippe Petit on the ROKU channel. I'm working on my bad spending habits. Free Movies certainly help. I'm going full Satre and working on only buying necessities, which has proven to be not as hard as I was expecting. I Quit my Job, to start my business. I Quit Instagram, I'm embracing the Freedom God Gives. I'd Quit Capitalism if it was possible, but starting a business is like joining the Capitalism Race. I've learned to get free what I can get free and pay as little for anything as possible as opposed to my former mindset of "who cares how much it costs just buy it" & "Spend it...Get it Back" It's very freeing way of life, we'll see how long I can cut my addiction to spending money. I'm done with my rant, now back to the task at hand Jean-Louis Blondeau he's a photographer that was able to capture these amazing shots of Philippe Petit while he was doing his legendary walk. It's a reminder of the importance of us, the Photographer. That's the one thing I love the most about photography is how it's literally a form of time travel. I can look at a photograph and actually feel similar emotions I felt from the moment I took it in. We can see pictures like this and freeze a moment in time that will never exist again. These are very beautifully shot, and Philippe Petit is pretty punk rock.

(The Photo above is not by Blondeau but I found it on Google and its really good)

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