Alora City LISTENS: Can't Stop Listening to Death Bells

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

I hate to quote a YouTube comment but its 2019 and this is what our society has come down to, so here is what some dumb sarcastic YouTube commenter said about a Death Bells Video "Great another Joy Division Cover Band" lol. I wouldn't completely disagree with that statement, in fact Death Bells marries pop and post angsty punk together in a way I haven't heard in a while. Since I've read this comment I've come to the realization that I only like Joy Division cover bands. If the band doesn't sound a little like Joy Division are they any good? My brain doesnt think so. Although I'm starting to realize why a member of certain band I won't name rolled his eyes at me when I said they sounded like Joy Division a few years ago after their show at Polyenso era paper crane. It could be thought of as somewhat of a lazy reference, default reference in some circles. But I refute. In fact did you know that Joy Division was inspired by bands like The Pistols, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd and The Stooges? So those are really the bands some of our favorite bands are inspired by. Joy Division cover bands are my thing, I think I'm gonna make a blog post about all my favorite songs and how they are all very Joy Division-esque. For now, I'm gonna keep Death Bells in my heart and my head, and look forward to planning a trip soon around seeing them play live somewhere in America or maybe Australia where they're from. They've just moved to LA. There's always a good reason to go to California..

Best song is "Perfect Skin" in my opinion its been months since I've found a song I've listened to on repeat well over 100 times (Not being Hyperbolic right now) I fell asleep to that song under my pillow 2 nights in a row last week. Fresh Flowers of Flesh and Blood is quite good as well.

Check em' out they're touring quite a lot these days. I'm hoping I make it to a show soon. - Jonetia, CEO of Alora City

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