Alora City LISTENS: Enjoy the Melancholy of Soviet Post-Punk.

We live in the greatest time in the history of music. We have unlimited access to every album ever made and more amazing music is being created and shared everyday. For the average band or musician, its harder to make money but easier than ever to get heard and find your audience which can translate to sales and recognition if you market your music properly or sign to a traditional or indie label. Our Parents and grandparents didn't have it as easy as us to discover music, if they wanted to listen to a random album they had to pay 25 for a record or Tape or CD and hope they liked it we can listen to it for free then go support it if we want with money or going to shows. Its an amazing time to be alive as a music lover. I was at the tail end of the CD generation when I started getting into music so I didn't buy very many CD's because by the time I was old enough to really love and discover music MP3s came out and there was Rhapsody or Limewire or eMusic or I say all this to say probably would have never found the amazing music below if it wasn't for the internet and people sharing what they love. So enjoy the Melancholy.

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